The symposium will cover the following topics: 

  1. Fundamentals, diagnostics and modelling in plasma-catalysis and plasma synthesis of materials
  2. New plasma sources for catalysis and material synthesis
  3. Plasma-catalysis for the synthesis of chemicals and fuels (e.g., CH4 activation, CO2 conversion, hydrocarbon/alcohol reforming, nitrogen fixation, H2 production, tar reforming, biomass/plastics/coal conversion, etc) 
  4. Plasma-catalysis for environmental clean-up (e.g., VOCs, NOx, PAHs, odour, PM, waste liquids, contaminated soils, etc)
  5. Plasma synthesis, treatment and modification of catalytic and electrode materials
  6. Plasma synthesis, treatment and modification of energy and functional materials
  7. Plasmas for batteries, fuel cells and solar energy systems
  8. Plasma interactions with catalysts or surfaces

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